The enchanted garden

Karina Möller

All my life I have been enchanted by beautiful colors. I love creating a magical world by combining natural elements with intricate patterns. All my work fits in an enchanted garden, and is loosely inspired by the work of the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez.

Passion for color & paper

I love colors, so I spend a lot of time choosing the most beautiful color combinations. I prefer to work with watercolor paint, gouache and ink. My love for paper is very old, as a child I already made my own paper with self-picked flowers. For my cards and prints I only use the most beautiful types of paper.

How It Started

I started this online store because I have a passion for painting and making cards. I trained as a cultural anthropologist and filmmaker, but when I became chronically ill, it was time for a different direction. I rediscovered the joy of painting and started making cards and prints, because often I couldn't find nice cards and gifts myself. It soon became clear there was a demand for the things I made, so I started an online store. I live and work in Utrecht, a picturesque city in The Netherlands.